kevbob's Snaps

This must be one of the Great Ancients. Old growth, you know. I...
And that's all she wrote. My last unpublished snap, revealed. A...
That tower is pretty awesome.
I played him the Beer Barrel Polka.
I see the anthropologists have been here, but left some tools out.
Art Installation, feat. Backstreet Gnomes or.. something
I love butterflies, chickens, and long walks on the beach.
C'mon. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!
It's quiet in here.
Wettish Walk
My affirmation for today.
I can fly!
Oktoberfest Gift from Cyrano- Beer again
Stay in the mines too long- this is what happens to your skin.
The hills, they are alive!
You must visit this museum. Found objects (notes). Visit, today!
Make yourself useful Cyrano- CLEAN UP!
Yes, as a matter of fact, I DO WANT TO TRADE WITH YOU.
You do realize what sort of free gift Cyrano will have for this...
A visit to the Rubicon Exhibit
I was here before, I am sure of it...
Beer all gone- now have Hooch- Sponsored by Crazy Eddie
I apologize for not tithing much lately, dear visitors to my...
Tree Chooks!
This time, I mean it. GETCHURBEERHERE
Nope! I'm not fooled by that, not for a minute.
Now how the heck did this fall off and not break?
Can there be a happier face in Ur?