muffin's Snaps

Going for my last swim in Jal! *bellyflop*
lol, the forehorseman and the crab are doing the same dance!
Oh, I get it now! Giant Onion Rings! :D
:O There's a PIG on the moon! Yep, that's the only thing out of...
Kuke's street is filled with so much magic and wonder! :O (also,...
Well, I love you too, but did you really have to hide behind the...
Aww! Such prettiness on my doorstep. Thank you to whoever made...
Dammit, they cursed the game!!!
Oh, I've never noticed you before, pretty blue flower!
Look at LC, hackin' the party spaces! <3
I quite like Nylon Phool!
Umm...what blender recipe calls for...skulls?!
Hey, kat, do you see what I see? :D
Ohai, Hell Bartender! I've never redeemed any of these pretty...
Where's my cold taco?! What is this Ancestral Spirits nonsense???
What is that cooking over there?!
Hehe, ohai, giant butler! :D
How many licks does it take?
Oh, how I remember that first bun dong on the moon. Glorious...
I jump, close my eyes, and wish... ok, the closing of my eyes...
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