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You can't lose.
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I have decided that when they turn the game off I will hide in...
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ahahaha damn the expression
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My butler has a sense of humor.
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Came out the wrong way...
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Stoot came down to join the throng
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Stoot came down to join the throng
And we'll play for a long while...
Next line of the song :D
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And that's what this game is
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Until their thinking came alive
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Yes. Yes they did;
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For a really long time...
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All of the love
Taken by Seeen
Taken by Seeen
Taken by Seeen
Somewhere far away...
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The species was progressing so well until it discovered whiskey.
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STAND UP TO CANCER DISPLAY, COMPLETE. special thanks to miss...
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We're huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!
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When I grow up, I will be a Bureaucroc !
Taken by Lazy Cubimal

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