omoidasu's Snaps

what the hell is that doing there.
apparently, i am naked.
glitch is diamonds! no, really, those are all diamonds.
truly, art.
a slight glitch in the matrix...
yep, sure did build my tower just for these. priorities, yo.
truly, jack is the pumpkin king.
be vewwy, vewwy quiet...
derpmage died a stealthy death...
sometimes i just really like the view
we have craaaaaaazy parties yo.
hanging out with my jawa buddy, looking at things i can't afford.
drug trippin in the mountains
not quite happy with my newly arranged upstairs, can't figure out...
drinkin' and camerain' at an epic blowout.
not ominous at allll.
mining party! it's full of rainbows.
jya jyan!
it's a slightly questionable situation.
on the glitch train
at a phool party
ace decor at this party.
dat scenery...
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