Foxy Moxy's Snaps

Wow, what a rush!
No more quoin limits
First time I didn't fall into the clouds
Last time to scale awesome mountains
So, which way is really up?
Oxy, did you remember to flush?
Hey, what happened to the "man thing?" Aw, shucks!
Thank goodness the meat's not black and white
This is how TV was when I was a little kid! (Oops...I'm telling...
Just hanging with a couple of friends
My saddest day in this beautiful place
Hey, I just saw you on Big Bang Theory!
Done redecorating...Yay
My new second floor
This may be a first! No one "hanging out" at Madhur... conch! Third time's a charm. Thanks, TS.
On to the concert...
Another tune mastered
I hit the right notes
Game Show-a-Thon at AB Mining Night