Talia True's Snaps

tell me about it!
awww u're not so scary are u?
Ever feel like you're being watched!!!!
between a squid and a spiney face lol
Going to meet the ghost
Colour Unblocking Fun
Grandma, why are you teeth so big? All the better to eat you with...
Hooray, I have finally found the last ghost!!
still love these crafty foxes
Anyone know chopsticks? lol
Wow....just wow
sillouetted jump
Fried piggy and a hot fox
yummmmmm donuts.....doh!!
oi wake up!
Are you looking at me?
hmmmm.........er...........erm............hmmmm!! lol
the kitties have been stunned into stillness
another one of Piece of Serenity's apt artworks lol
sailing on the seven seas in Piece of Serenity's beautiful tower
Good Chickens x
my first encounter with the infamous Heli Kitty.
The imagination of us Glitchen is unlimited!
This is still, and will always be, one of my favourite places in Ur.
I'm on top of the world!!
I'm gonna miss you guys most of all, you crazy metalheads!
Glowing Ocean Deep
walking amongst the maths clouds
I need my accountant!!! lol
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