Chelyria's Snaps

Wheeeeeeee! New toys to play with.
More like notsoDistant End :(
So, so weird. But funny.
I think I overloaded my time machine and landed outside of time....
And another, just because ^_^
Finally! Woooooo!
Oooh, new quest!
A Lemming I am!
Yes, yes I did done did it.
The flamingos! Long time no see!
Mr. Owl, how many licks does it take to get to the tootsie center...
Very nice house :D
I hit my head on the door frame and ended up down here...
Ok, this place is pretty.
A secret place! Not sure how to get to it though...
Just chillin' on a mushroom.
Standing on people's heads, muhahaha
Candy Partey :D complete with rainbow juice.
Hmm, what is missing from this picture?
Tiiiiis the season to give candy, fa la la la, lala la laaaa...
My first pumpkins! ^_^
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