Catnips' Snaps

together at last
love is in the air???
the sky at sunset
this could be a love story
help i don't have any emergency rations this time
spring never came
:'( i can't believe we're losing this
quite possibly the only piano i like
in a field of stars
simple but so so pretty
casually walks on water
awww i wish i was greeted by a horde of butterflies
are you doing okay there buddy
whoa how did the rube find me here
vortex of random indeed
quite a mysearious place...
the lion king could be set here
this reminds me of a puzzle...
lum are these you
well little piggy we're snowed in so guess whose gonna be dinner
i guess yeti sightings aren't a rare thing in glitch huh
life flourishes amidst the snow
a bear is fine too!
caw caw motherfuckers