Adar's Snaps

EotW Party 6.
EotW party 5? I forget.
EotW party 3.
EotW party, 2.
EotW party. :(
Another photo of my butler, Elul.
My tower 1.
My butler, Elul.
My street 2.
My street 1.
Home sweet home 4.
Home sweet home 3.
Home sweet home 2.
Home sweet home.
Wish I felt that excited.
I am finally done setting up my tutti-frutti kitchen. I will NOT...
I know these guys can be annoying, but burying him up to his neck...
Ok. So the SDB bender I went on was worth it. You can see the...
Shrines can... talk?!?
Gettin' all "Faron Woods" in Roobrik!
Cranky Link!
Two giggling Links in Nintendo-land
Linky linky!
I do like autumn.
When the wood starts talkin' to you, it's time to get help.
Of course I would!
Crabs and paper trees in Groddle Forest?
First party... but it ended kinda quickly.
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