Adar's Snaps

Amberlyza-in' around.
So much fun... except when laggy this place is even more annoying...
"Wicked parkour skills..." they weren't kidding. I've...
I <3 Glitch!
A Dark Patch.
Civs livin' it up while... dead.
... and the party continues... in hell.
... and that's the end.
Oh yes-yes we did-did!
Stoot's place. Civ party.
No caption needed.
Pics. So it did happen.
More nekkid pics at Stoot's place
Nekkid party at Stoot's!
Fertilidust misfire. I was aiming to sprinkle the little tree in...
And here I thought "snool" meant snooze drool on your...
What in Giant's green acres IS that thing?
I have a card, but thought I'd just see where the road led. It's...
Finally going where I was told to go!
Poor little deceased Glitchy. ...Is that a currant I see?
Anteater in neva neva land. Where's the giraffe?
OMG is this MYST/URU or Ur?!?!?
Reminds me of Sesame Street's animation: 1-2-3-FOUR-5,...
Alas, poor Yorick!
Think pink!
I've been slimed! Who'm-I gonna call?