spacekadt's Snaps

My sentiments exactly, silly horse.
I love you too, Dusty. You and Stoot and Sr. Funpickle stay here...
Every cubi (and a couple yetis!)
Yes, Mr Yeti, I'll miss you too...
stoot shrine with a side of yeti
No Dusty... there surely isn't
crazy graphical glitches... (and this time I don't mean glitchen)
nope, glitch is pretty much the best thing ever...
I <3 the snotmonsters!
I thought you were supposed to get good presents for your...
bum looker!
I love this scene
not quite sure what to make of these guys
I seriously didn't see this person until the meditation ball...
gotta keep those buns nice and toasty!
someone needs a hug...
about what I expect from glitchen ;)
big blue balls...
awesome new door! :)
erm... but where is she?
even dinos get plum tuckered out!
two tone hair and a green ear!
I've been a bad girl...
I love when I happen upon random shenanigans. <3
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