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Now that I see this outfit in the caverns... um... well judge for...
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He used to be a glitch like you, but then he took an arrow to the...
I finally hit my paper!!!
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P'butts Butts M'butts S'butts.
Showing Daddy some love
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New display at the dong museum
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Now dubbed from Japanese... The Giant Cock Vs. The One Eyed...
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The One Eyed Purple Monster dives head first into the Cave of No...
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they...they're watching me!!
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Sometimes it takes a lifetime to find that special someone...
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Happy Veteran's Day to my fellow US Veterans. SEMPER PARATUS!!
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hey there, hang around this dong often?
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Ron, Harry and Hermionie knew it was here somewhere....
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Welcome to Gringotts Bank
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If you were Santa - would you wanna work from here? - Santa...
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Every home needs an owl.
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Finally getting some use out of my specialization in dinoproctology.
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My expectations for this game have been entirely exceeded...
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All in the family
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The first stool I ever made :))))
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Phlavor of Love
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my shrine is still looking pretty classy. schwing!
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Now some Twilight Zone shit!! Siamese twins?! O_O
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One too many bacon jokes
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