Merrylegs' Snaps

I'm a train!
When one stumbles upon a naked Hell party, one is obliged to...
The luxury purple lounge at the apothecary is open for business.
Ennuienta's lab is a wonderfully creative setup! (Tower Tips)
Creative decorating with free upgrades! (Tower Tips)
Putting on a roof...
Walls going up...
Is he carving our name into that tree?
Let's get this party started.
The magic rock looks angry about my herb garden.
My old mansion! My TP spot still works. :P
Oh the mess.
Bad pigs! Don't eat that!
Ready to unpack!
To remember my Alakol home by.
A night in the caverns.
Dramatic in black and white.
My glitchy house... in the middle of the street.
My glitchy abode.
Couch jumping!
Edit needs her morning coffee.