LadyTerra's Snaps

Was belched out by this one
Rather undignified arrival and what is that smell!!!??
Leaving out the other...ummm...end
In the throat
Okay, here we go...
The imagination required to make these quests just blow me away!
some of these views are just breathe taking
Poor little tree looks so loney here
Picture is even more curious on the other side of the
I just love this fireplace, and hmmm what a curious painting...
On my way to "The Society of Keen-eyed Noticers"!!!!
...and here is the rainbow
Reminds me of The Wizard of Oz!
Who do you have to know to be in Rube's circle of friends!?
spinners anominous
Look at the little babies....too cute!
Love purple essence to brighten the day
Isn't that a beautiful sight..
gotta love the essence
Wish you were here!
all that running around to get papers, and this is it? should be...
Pretty trippy!