So much crap on my street! Hmm thanks?!
Brib Annie
Not too much yet, I can still see the Tower.
9 years ago
Scarlet Begonia ?
Thank YOU!!
9 years ago
Good thing the world is ending yeah? Clean up would be a bugger.

Note: it is not a good thing =*(
9 years ago
I have been here just few days back and i started to like this game, its Awesome, and wanted to be here for long and today i get this news :(
9 years ago
Well you can always keep the game open and hire a street cleaner :)
9 years ago
Once again a big thank you to you Stoot & to all your team.
Thank you for imagining a world where i feel home, & where crap, bums, digestive systems & poop are cute-looking & fun to interact with.
9 years ago
Dee Licious
Oh, Stoot! I can't imagine how unbelievably sad this must be for you. It's like losing your best friend. I appreciate this beautiful world you've made. Thank you!
9 years ago
What a wonderful, awesome world you have help realize for us all. The staff and players are some of the nicest people any world has to offer. Thanks for everything!
9 years ago
Stoot! You've made a refreshing, exciting world! It's shattering to see it end! Blessings to you and your staff! Thanks for the exquisite experience you've allowed us to share!
9 years ago
So heartbreaking. Glitch is like an interactive work of art, and it's just devastating to see it go. I can't imagine how painful it must be for you and your team, Stoot. I know I'm crying! Thank you for sharing this world with us.
9 years ago
Thank you and all the hard-working, cheerful, helpful staff that made this wonderful, beautiful place possible. It's been a constant in my life for a year and a half now, and I don't know what I'm going to do without it.
9 years ago
It's Erics Fault!
9 years ago
Mostly Mellow
Thanks to you and all your team for your vision and imagination in creating this beautiful unique world. I wish each of you much success in future endeavors. You must all be as devastated as we are. You will be sorely missed.
9 years ago
*sigh* thank you so much. I'll miss you!
9 years ago
Simply gutted.. I really do hope that every single person involved with Tiny Speck and Glitch find further success in the future! This game has gone from humble beginnings to giving us a glimpse of how AMAZEBALLS it could be.. just a shame that it ended before it really had a chance to shine.. I consider myself one of the select few that have had a peek at the future of MMO's... and i want to thank everyone, both staff, players, devotees and the down right Glitch freaks for letting me be a part of that!
9 years ago
so.... How many subs would we have to buy (Molybdenum) to raise the money to bring it back? or would it not matter at this point
9 years ago
I just wanted to say that the FAQs say "We had ambitious goals to create a crazy, beautiful, worthwhile game [...] but we only managed to create a crazy, beautiful game". I disagree. I think it has been hugely, unbelievably worthwhile. Even if it has to end. Worthwhile to the extreme.
9 years ago
User Ignored
Ditto to Daishaelle. I want to thank you and the team for doing such amazing work. From a business angle, I can understand the disappointment. However, I'm certain that you peeps all know by now that Glitch has brought many people great joy, laughter and a jolly community.

It's rare to find a game where one can just look forward to logging on and see what kind of awesome ideas that the developers have come up with. It's incredibly worthwhile to play a game without getting pissed off, admire the art, get excited about random cute psychedelic trips, meet quirky people, enjoy the music, and know that the staff care. My friends and I even talk about Glitch when we meet and you should see our faces glowing with excitement--it's like being a kid again!

Best wishes to you all--this has got to be one of the greatest things that I have stumbled upon. Thank you!
9 years ago
Marky Thirteen
I haven't been in the game long (since last year in fact, I believe), but I have found Glitch to be the most unique experience I have ever, well, experienced. The concept is simple, the artwork is fantastic and the players are awesome!
It is so sad to see this dream end -- There must be something the Giants can do in order to protect their beautifully crafted world?
Would a Glitch Kickstarter not even help the cause?
I'd back you, I know that much

Its going to be wierd to never be able to visit Ur again - the place where I go when i'm feeling sad and lonely (altho not just those times). I'm going to miss it and everyone in it too.... :(

Thanks Stoot and Tiny Speck for crafting what only can be described as MMO Nirvana. Namaste
9 years ago
<3 i'm going to miss this game so much. I'm genuinely crying. This place helped me to be happy and now it's going <3
9 years ago
I remember begging my friends for a beta invite way back when. I love this game so much and it pains me to see it disappear into the void. It has some good company in the other magnificent games that fell by the wayside and hopefully it won't be forgotten by any of us. I find myself saddened by the whole ordeal, mostly because unlike any game I've ever played online, I've never encountered a griefer on here. Best of luck to you Stoot. May your world be filled with the kindness and wonderment that is Glitch and it's community.
9 years ago
Future Shock
The wait of 8 months paid off, and i'm genuinely sad to see it go. I miss the benifits of being able to tell my friends I just milked a butterfly. Goodbye, Glitch.
9 years ago
You're welcome!
9 years ago
Just leave all the stuff there - for when you come back :)
9 years ago
Glitch was the best thing that happend to me. Is their any possible way we can get glitch up and running again, because me, and all of the developers and people out there in ur, most likely wish that glitch can come back in a few years or even maybe months.

Love ghostcat
9 years ago
Glitch probably won't start up again GC.
9 years ago
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