There is a good variety of outfits and looks (not that there aren't more coming, but … it's much better than it used to be!)
Still waiting for the giant-themed wardrobe.
8 years ago
I'm waiting for the one direction clothes.
8 years ago
Smiling Flounder
Id like more hats that cover my mouth please :D
8 years ago
Rick O'Shae
tnx Stoot for a fun game :)
8 years ago
meh ..
8 years ago
Steampunk maybe? And hats that do not make my favorite hair disappear? Yay for new clothes and looks, no matter what they are!
8 years ago
I second the giant themed clothing!
8 years ago
Eleanor Rigby
+1 for hats that work with hair (tricky, I know, but so worth it!)
8 years ago
Brib Annie
Is this a Hint aimed at Varaeth? :D
8 years ago
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