This is where I come to think.
yay for kajuu! my homeland.
12 years ago
Morgana The Great
Woah! cool!
12 years ago
There should be like a BIG contest for photos.
The best of glitch monents and the worst...
no wait... enormus!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
12 years ago
Pretty scenery there! I used to live in Kajuu...
12 years ago
And a n-eye-ce big Cy-eye to take it all in with, too, stoot!
12 years ago
I wonder what this looks like without depth perception...
12 years ago
I love this outfit
12 years ago
And he's watching us all with the eye... of the Cyclops!
12 years ago
Violet Faulds
Hairstyle of the one eyed gods.
12 years ago
Stormy Weather
Eye like it!
12 years ago
Look's so calm.... quite beautiful !!! Oh and your hair is da bomb
12 years ago
omg!!!!!! this is soooooo awesome! these are the types of streets i like exactly! this looks like where im from thats why i bought my house in Andra....feels like home :D cool pic Stoot!
12 years ago
beware the EYEds of March
12 years ago
All hail, O Great Glitchian creator cyclops! We who are about to Glitch salute thee. (terrible paraphrase of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar I believe) Speaking of which sir, why did you choose to be a cyclops? I'm just curious. Don't get me wrong , I think cyclops are really cool looking..just chalk it up to insatiable curiosity. *hugs* and Cheers all :D
12 years ago
Don Monkey
I was just there for the first time earlier this week, and that background caught my attention. I should have taken a snap of it at the time... I've been doing that with others that I fall in love with. :-)
12 years ago
gilbert whisper
This is where ***I*** would like to go to think. *sigh*
12 years ago
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