This is where I come to think.
yay for kajuu! my homeland.
9 years ago
Morgana The Great
Woah! cool!
9 years ago
There should be like a BIG contest for photos.
The best of glitch monents and the worst...
no wait... enormus!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
9 years ago
Pretty scenery there! I used to live in Kajuu...
9 years ago
And a n-eye-ce big Cy-eye to take it all in with, too, stoot!
9 years ago
I wonder what this looks like without depth perception...
9 years ago
I love this outfit
9 years ago
And he's watching us all with the eye... of the Cyclops!
9 years ago
Violet Faulds
Hairstyle of the one eyed gods.
9 years ago
Stormy Weather
Eye like it!
9 years ago
Look's so calm.... quite beautiful !!! Oh and your hair is da bomb
9 years ago
omg!!!!!! this is soooooo awesome! these are the types of streets i like exactly! this looks like where im from thats why i bought my house in Andra....feels like home :D cool pic Stoot!
9 years ago
beware the EYEds of March
9 years ago
All hail, O Great Glitchian creator cyclops! We who are about to Glitch salute thee. (terrible paraphrase of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar I believe) Speaking of which sir, why did you choose to be a cyclops? I'm just curious. Don't get me wrong , I think cyclops are really cool looking..just chalk it up to insatiable curiosity. *hugs* and Cheers all :D
9 years ago
Don Monkey
I was just there for the first time earlier this week, and that background caught my attention. I should have taken a snap of it at the time... I've been doing that with others that I fall in love with. :-)
9 years ago
gilbert whisper
This is where ***I*** would like to go to think. *sigh*
9 years ago
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