Wife of ToeLivz's Snaps

Stoot Shrine EOTW :(
Welcome to The Cafe (in my tower)
Floor of Essence (in my tower)
Just so rude when others can't seem to shuck & replant when...
Hell Shrine
YAY! I finally made it :)
Sale items disappearing leaving no bags of currants :(
Here Lies ToeLivz ...
Found you ghostie! :) 4 down ... 3 more to go ...
Cute lil door in Grimmsea Bottom that leads inside the tree where...
A Rook in the making???
I'm over the MOON for you! :)
WHOA!!! I am one of the streets listed on Stoot's signpost! :) I...
The First Floor of my house :)
It's a super tiny Glitch World!
OMG how cute! They're lil tiny houses!!! :)
Liathea's Place ~ very nice :)
Liathea's Place ~ This is awesome!
Liathea's Place ~ what a great use of display cases!!!
Liathea's Place ~ love all the artwork :)
Liathea's Place :) very nice :)
What an excellent way for storing cubimals collection!
Doppley's Place is so pretty :) I feel very inspired :)
One of my neighbors' house ... Doppley :) LOTS of food for the...