Just so rude when others can't seem to shuck & replant when they harvest from our street
ugh i hate that! with herbs its soo easy!
10 years ago
Anya Karenya
I know!!! My daughter has a few herb plots and this happens nightly :( And I did a short attempt at running the herb route today but all there was was dried out or weedy plots...I fixed them up and gave up after a bit.
10 years ago
saddly this has been an on going problem....
10 years ago
I saw two people's streets like this today while I was returning visits. :( It happens to mine all the time, too.
10 years ago
Wife of ToeLivz
I agree. It's so easy to just shuck a few of the herbs in order to replant. It's not like people already have to have seeds in their bags like you do for crops. It's really frustrating. The other frustrating thing is when you have wood trees, plus provide fertilidust and fertilidust lite for people to restore the wood trees, but people just steal that rather than using it to help restore the wood trees, AND THEN they harvest the wood trees down to patches :(
10 years ago
Nika Stone
To avoid problems I have wood trees and herb gardens in my backyard only. Not everybody has the Herbalism skill to shuck, or maybe they are in a hurry.
10 years ago
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