Defiance's Snaps

Ashy's recent renovations...looooove ittt!!
I'm gonna miss ya buddy...
Stars :3
Bought to actually do the purple flower quest with Ashy. <3...
Teh darkness...
Might have gone on a landscape photospree tonight...
Everything the light touches belongs to you...
My own grave o.O
Ashy died again. Scraping barnacles for me. xD
I love this kid's wallpaper...xD
Why yes, I am a creepy little glitch in a child's bedroom...
Happy Zilloween from dead Ash <3
Happy Zilloween!
Just whatever about the damn words, was trying to catch the jump,...
Herro long flowy haired girl sitting on a bench.
dead ashy <3
I do to many drugs. :3
Something different...
I love my house soooo much!
Feeding my first sloth! He's so cute! :D
Drowning in Jal...his glitch is always dying. tehe.
Slathering Grendaline xD
Just like...level 20 clutter & noobiness. <3 my cubimals.
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