Snaps liked by Cleops

Educational moment in the Dong Museum.
Taken by Mac Loud
Whoa this part is even better!
Taken by stoot barfield
'Join the Club' quest in development
Taken by stoot barfield
Have you seen the little piggies crawling in the dirt?
Taken by Jope
kentucky fried cleops.
Taken by Doppelheathen
Taken by Doppelheathen
The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still
Taken by dbot
Mean Mr. Mustard lives in the park...
Taken by Alw Sunny
I see the anthropologists have been here, but left some tools out.
Taken by kevbob
Kind of like giant seahorses, they are.
Taken by stoot barfield
you can never have too much ice
Taken by Lisa
Awesome Kermit The Frog is awesome.
Taken by Sumi
Want. To. Climb. Vine!
Taken by Lord Bacon-o
chilly but nice
Taken by Lisa
Just what IS that...?
Taken by Keysong
....Now what do you suppose is going on behind that...
Taken by Osiris ?
A thank you
Taken by rayn
Taken by Lisa
The hills, they are alive!
Taken by kevbob
I hope we can come back here :)
Taken by Faereluth
New gorillaraniums growing in Greenvern. Pet and water but don't...
Taken by Nureyev
brrr, this be no place for a pirate
Taken by Lisa
i found a kukubee
Taken by Lisa
My "vines" so far
Taken by Jessenya
Cleops hypnotised in a woody coma aka logged in syndrome
Taken by Nureyev
May's new hub stylee.
Taken by gyoza
We should bring some of these furnitures back.
Taken by Kukubee
Museum route here I come
Taken by FyodorD
Another Pilgrim With The Yeti
Taken by The Cat Face