Cleops' Snaps

Abandoned apartment blocks with graffiti
I think the only answer is to run away from home
My house can't be for sale! I'm officially homeless until I /home
GNG madness at the EOTW party
Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb
One of my favourite spots in UR
HELP! Chicken has hypnotised me to walk on air
For my next trick I shall pull a fox from my hat. (I love this bug)
Salt & Pepa shaker of Shimla warn that this dance isn't for...
Dropping your "tool" takes on another meaning in Umbra
2 rubes!
Pigs in space!
Eye, eye, eye!
Black and white Rube
Faces have been hidden to protect our identities....
Shady deal from the Rube
Tiny happy people holding hands
Beam me up Snotty
Sod off message
Sloth is full, man. Like wow!
Jerry Garcia of Sloths
Me and the park ranger
The elusive fox is HERE!
Cool new /home background on Stoot's street Part 2
Cool new /home background on Stoot's street
Attack of the underwear gnome
101+ Glitch recipes
Party at Stoots place
and now ladies and gentlemen I present a chicken walking on air
Right side of my /home
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