Geldir's Snaps

This place is pretty!
This looks nice and comfy.. think I'll move in!
I think I shall move in here!
Dead people everywhere
Whao! Who is this dude!?
o.O a broken fox brushing preserve? Never seen that before.
I feel so small!
How on Urth did the chickens get on the upper floors of boarded...
I think I'll move in! This place looks like a prime location to...
Pretty rainbow!
Is that a giant egg back there?
I like the smiley buildings and the bridges here!
:O a G..G..G...GHOST!
D: Afraid of hieghts!
Ahh.. nice campfire.
Learning to fight the Rook
My first Zilloween!
So pretty up here!
Ate purple.. feel weird! D:
Finally got my papers so I can ride the subway!
Blurry Shmurry
What a cute little froggy with glasses!
WOW! So pretty!
Summer's Day
so many people!
Yoga Frog