Juvia's Snaps

I'll stop in and keep you company. :)
Quick! Somone say something profound!
amazing architecture! :)
SERIOUSLY, do you have to tell me about your ex gf AGAIN?
Hey, baby, come here often?
That squid and the Flying Spaghetti Monster are clearly...
Ok this is starting to get really weird... maybe I didn't need...
I think the lsd is kicking in...
Um, I'm not religious, and if I was, it wouldnt be for one of...
This feat has dire consequences for the mining community!
I always forget the marshmallows!!!
This should be an option for my own yard
Party time!
Forgot the marshmallows!
love the colors
Saint Juvia
Glass Floor. Love it!
OMG Finally! -.-;
They say it's only a paper moon, floating in a cardboard sky
Rube lovin' (or possibly hatin')