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When the world falls down, we'll be ready...
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We will miss you
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Computer disconnect yesterday and when I logged on today I'm...
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Testing out a new visual style
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Beans, beans, they're good for your heart... Something something,...
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Bunch of weidos.
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And the winner is...
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the all-zube mining team!
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I'm a rocket man!
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ridin' my new piggycorn!
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Underground Drug Factory?
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Hatching a Plot!
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emerging from the caves into more snow
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Bums ... Bums everywhere.
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I forgot ... just how exciting autumn can be.
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like the old times :)
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The High Seas
I can haz this yard, please? Not only is it beautiful, it...
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I see no ships.....
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Another new region in the works.
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what a glasshat. ha. see what i did there?
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Somewhere far away...
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Be evil, you!
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