home sweet home, living room
The door is a great choice with that wall. Cool living room ^^
8 years ago
Spoofy Spoofington
Sweet little room!
8 years ago
Aww Spoofy <33 It's so good to read you, it cheers me up! I spent the whole night re-decorating my house. I really enjoyed it, but i didn't expect it to take me so long. I didn't have the time to hang out much, which is regretttable. There are so many things i wanted to do in-world before the closing but i didn't have the time to. I'm glad we can still keep in touch through Glitch's website till the end of the month. Thank you for your lovely words, Spoofy, *hugs*
8 years ago
Spoofy Spoofington
Aww Leila... You take care. I understand completely! Hug! <3
8 years ago
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