*Bye* <3
hey could you tell me what happened at The End? i crashed a minute before
8 years ago
God told us the end was coming in 60 seconds, Goodnight Groddle played, (I cried), God said he loved us all, and there was 10 seconds left...and then... *Poof* We all lost connection. "Server restarted" showed across the screen as everything in the background dimmed, but that was it...we won the game....
8 years ago
Sad Pollen
But we can be on Glitch.com to talk to each other. Untill the end of the year.
8 years ago
Oh. I'm sad. For some reason I didn't hear "Goodnight, Groddle" play. I was laughing through my tears, though, at God's comments. Somewhere after the 60 sec warning, God asked, "Are you finished up there yet?" I loved it. Glitch humor until the very end. And at the same time, it made me feel God was telling us to finish up in Ur so we could move on to something else, some other wonderful mystery.
8 years ago
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