Me as a modern Gulliver :D Best fun: Seam streets: Love them all :D Oppidian Ave this time :)
I really hope TS does tiny action figure friends, because I REALLY WANT a tiny Bachjess action figure that sez: "LOL"
9 years ago
Aw, you're sweet :D I would love one of you too, and of one of me LoLing :D We all look too serious if we don't LOL for photos. Would like to be able to smile, grin or laugh without speech bubble though for maximum picture taking :D
9 years ago
You can, Just when you're not in a chat box (or you'll type), and press 1 2 or 3 for emotions. ones :( ones O_o and ones :) the 4 is AFK
9 years ago
Thanks a bunch Cosma :) I will try in future *hugs* :D
9 years ago
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