Leapfrogging over the creator in my place :D Wow, i've died and gone to Glitchy heaven, Yes, I know I'm a massive fan of all things Tiny Speck, starting with Stoot. Never was there a dreamier cyclops :D
Spaghetti Thompson
Ahaha, the ruffle on your arm makes it look like you have a giant cheesy grin!
9 years ago
Lilu Cheng
You are too cute, Jess!
9 years ago
Zen Biped
He just had to see how wonderfully your house was decorated, Bachjess!
9 years ago
I wonder how stoot feels about having fangirls...
9 years ago
Moz Art
Or fanboys, come to that!
9 years ago
Ooops. meant to just say Fan lol since now I think about it, Fan Girl may have some dubious connotations lol :D Corrected. Thanks all *Hugs* :D
9 years ago
Bachjess??? Bachjess??? snapped this
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