Bachjess???'s Snaps

scion's disciple Purpling it up :D rofl
Whole street Art for a sweetest pal ;D Shame the piggies ate the...
Just in case this goes walkies. Art project a la sparkly and...
cloakberry, Bachjessberry and AngelTeriBerry sandwich :D
I'm #1 Too. Huzzah! Thanks Teri *Huggles*
LufiGoogle, all. Welcoming a new pal :D
Ochiru's first day. Welcome to Glitch. *HugS* :D (Co-greet)
Welcome to your first day in Ur, Greenfart. *hugs* :D
Three Musketeers on something that's for sure- oh yes ale :D
Welcome to Ur Snipe5000. Pusher and pushee purple madness....
Cool indeed. *HugS* welcome AliAlikont, Welcome to Ur :D
Typical: Cannot put Glitch and video games down even while...
???Somewhere over the rainbow ???
Little Phoenix Flies. welcome to Ur, Chuff *Hugs* :D
Couldn't have said it better myself. *hugs* welcome qqrules to...
Art style a la Civility 3 at Indikut's
Art bombing Indi's street # 2
Indi's street Part 1 (Art style a la Civility)
Sir Sunday and me tinified. Welcome to Ur. *hugs* :D Ahhhhh that...
Some Assembly's first foray to Glitch. Welcome *Hugs* :D
Rosicle and her fiendish purple wheeler dealer. Welcome to Ur,...
Helga meet Cormelia, Cormelia meet Helga :D
Cormelia's first day. Welcome to Ur *hugs* :D
Izial's first day in Ur *hugs* welcome :D Let's play a game or 2 :D
Purple yay :D Welcome to Glitch sapphirelight *Hugs* :D
CherryMew's first day :D And me munching purples too Lol :)...
Welcome Leechy to your 1st day in Ur. *hugs* ;d
2 sisters and zilloween :D plus a cuteness item in the middle :D
Hatchetfac3's first day in Glitch :D Smile girilla :D
Octopi Sculpture ala Kukubee :D
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