Daffodilette's Snaps

*sigh* You call THAT a pony?!
I ride my piggycorn through the alimental canals of the beast!
I'm so pretty!
Vorbis looks at me with disgust over my pun.
I know. it's gonna happen to us all...
In the no-no cave with SFB. Clearly, he's trippin.
in the atmosphere above Ur...
In hell, together until the end. <3
Zubelet attempts to go numb.
the memories are especially tangible on this street.
Even the pigs can't bear to watch the end. *so sad*
Zubi rides that train!
Of who I once was.
Caught with my face in a bush. Again.
well isn't that cute.
I have always enjoyed this glitch's headstones...