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The Red Topped Wanker in his natural habitat
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Keeping warm with some new friends :D
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Hot tubbing it in the lava flows :)
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Making arrangements... :'(
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last minute shenanigans.
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winter blow
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dongimal. the dong of all dongs.
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it's so beautiful here!
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Ur's First Atomic Reactor - Initial Test Scheduled for Dec. 9th
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the Game of Crowns group in our natural mid-air state
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All five necklaces!
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hey hey hey hee hee hee flying pig
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Because there's something even creepier about this.
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Taken by snarkle
I wish this could capture the bubbles and all..
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My Shrine to Spriggan
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Leksa's awesome place
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At Leska's
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this was the spot
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"all these moments lost in time, like tears in rain..."
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This is not the most beautiful place in UR, but I have a special...
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I spotted me a reindeer!
Fossil evidence shows that my house was once underwater.
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