Zubes' Snaps

snapped my own tombstone
Some dead friends and a bottle of hell wine.
*hugsy SFB* <3 <3 <3
I loved this street. One of my very favorites.
Good time's sake <3
Uncle Friendly deserves some well-earned time off. A time to rest...
I just need to get this cork open...
I love it madly.
Moe is so ambitious
Maybe if I hide here, they won't see me and I can stay in Ur...
I'm so NOT bad!
princess in a tower :)
I'm dwowning .
End of Days
very, very bad.
Even giant monsters need hugs sometimes, too.
Navigating in the dark.
Awww. Someone prettied my house! Love the lone cherry by the...
Diablo took our souls...
Super rare artifacts, Diablo and Zubes.
this room is AWESOME.
Well that's not creepy to walk in on at all.
this is what happens when you're typing in chat and you suddenly...
Pandora wasn't too thrilled to come late to the shrinking hoe...
Because you know hoes...
Erin is a lotta hoe.
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