Jennybean's Snaps

Goodbye, world. <3
Dude, rub it in why don't you?
A wild box appears!
& home sweet home, upstairs.
Home sweet home (downstairs).
I will miss visiting friends. :(
Floor 3 of my tower, home to all the hard work. ;)
Floor 2 of my tower.
Tower lobby, not at the height of its glory. But still: bear and...
All of my piggies, how I shall miss them. And my Butler, who is...
My awesome house and tower (tower named by my Dearest). XD
Everywhere, notes of peoples' sadness. :(
Sunset at the end.
A Matt meets a Mello. XD
And what did Emo Bear ever do to you? :|
My Glitch is cosplaying as Mello, to go with WaLLy3K's Matt....
SO MANY POTIONS. (A certain someone was super generous to me. She...
View across the world.
A WaLLy3K in its natural habitat.
Perhaps not the safest location for a lady...
So, hey, the letters are bubbly now?
Death in the Snow.
Oh starry night~
So pretty.
Awww, I fit in so much more than I would of as a pirate! :3
Baby's first pumpkins!
Happy Zilloween costume! :3
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