Arthur Dent-Ur's Snaps

All You Need is a Rainbow!
I Poop Rainbows on Ur Head!
Jump Around! Jump Around!
Wait for the Beuracracy or Hyperspace Teleport to a Party in...
Owe Owe Owe My Butt... it Burns!!
Go Ahead Reflect on My Iconic Meat Shrine!
Introducing The Newest Resident of Ur: My 20 ft Pet Meat Snake!
I leave you Beer, hooch, and a fruity girly drink! To the Sign!...
When logic and proportion Have fallen sloppy dead
And you just had some kind of mushroom And your mind is moving...
Boris's Beach Front Carnival of Fun! Take a Flying Spin Now!
Mocha Maid Don't Be Shy! Step Right Up and Giver a Whirl!
Today in my Freebie Jeebies Pile you will find Poop, more Poop,...
The Smell of Fresh Rubeweed in the Morning!
Boris is Happy Again! There are good Glitches!
Boris Sad Now
Wake up and Smell the Rainbows Glitches!
Just be Reasonable, Don't eat our Eyes!
Momma always said "Never trust a Rube"
Double Penetration?
Boris Spins Til he Passes Out!
Somehow Boris Can't Look When Massaging and Milking Buck Naked's...
Rising to the Occasion!!
It's not what you think!!
Freebie Jeebies: It's Where it's At
Droppin Green Plops in max's house!
A Starry Night
While Fluffer and Um oggle in the Kissing Closet Boris grabs a...
Skunk in the barnyard P.U. Who Did it come from?
Quick Draw McGraw
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