Talaria Wingfoot's Snaps

Civility Tower last half hour
Last Half Hour in top floor of Civility Corner
On Stoot's street, the last hour.
Civility Corner tower on Bachjess' street, home of the Civility...
Hell Bartender tells terrible jokes
Hell Bartender thinks he's a comedian
Hell Bartender
Hell Bar
Saying goodbye in Hell
In Hell with Cassandra
The Explorers Club still has room for more interesting discoveries
The Explorers Club in the Bellona Club tower
Third floor of Bellona Club tower
Ellery and Inspector Queen room at the Bellona Club
Ellery and Inspector Queen room in the Bellona Club tower
Following FlatEather from one street to another so he can get...
Me either!
The end times horse!
Getting Mira gaia maia the follow badge
Group follow effort to get a badge for a Civility Group member
Group Visiting to help fellow players get the House Party badges
More of the first floor Gentlemen's Lounge
First floor at the Bellona Club tower
Talk to the shrine? Sure. Makes about as much sense as anything...
Mistress of Fishies street 12-8-12
Really? Lord Peter Whimsey and I will be dining out, in that case.
The Bellona Club lobby
My wonderful Tower - a turn of the century English Gentlemen's Club
Tending the herb garden. Rainbow poles have delicious Real Life...
Getting the visitor list, messages and gifts from my Butler
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