Kazehas' Snaps

Leaving Gwen's with a smile.
I will return to hear those tales.
Leaning in for a kiss.
Let's stay here a little while, Gwen.
Last meeting with Gwendolyn.
Positive thinking keeps me from falling into the abyss.
Psychic powers to create a platform to keep me from falling into...
All glory to the...
Frying some butterflies for later.
So bossy...
Hey, I wonder what happens if you toss a quoin in...
I sense a cue here... Not sure what it is though...
Well aren't you a rare sight for the eyes...
I think I'll take those herbs. Nothing bad will happen to...
Who is that shade hiding in the bushes?
And he walked uphil while doing it too!
No sympathy from Grandma.
That is quite a prize.
Paper bribes?
Grandma's wisdom.
Grandma's a paper fiend.
This explains too much.
Tetchy, tetchy.
It's the UR-Juju! Run for your lives!
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