Maddie_Rocca's Snaps

Like a giant red mosquito of doom coming to get me.
Best little street ever.
A waterfall of light.
Pale moon rising.
Anyone up for a swim?
Oh, pretty moon.
Light in the distance...
The song of Grendaline...
I think she wants me to follow her. :D
Pretty blue. :D
Now I kinda want a house style like this.
Man, I wish we could harvet ice from the mountains.
One lone firefly, only it can protect the hive from Cosma's...
Another one for the picture frames, but man, it took forever for...
Man, hell's a quiet place today.
Oh, we should have Ur Constellations.
A ray of light in the dark.
That's one small landing for Ur, one giant leap for Glitchians.
Smoky night.
Tree line.
If we're ever able to make our own framed pictures for our...
Navi! How I missed you! :D
One day, I shall find that mountain...
Island in the distance.
Happy Moon! :D
Starry Night
I'm feeling a bit green around the gills. Ur has doctors, right?
Light in the Dark
This would make an awesome postcard.
Home offices rock. :D