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9 years ago
Another Ur-story for your doc:

Dec 9 6:16:32AM Icon of Tii Beep-boop. Eeeeeuuuuuuuuuurgh, ping, ping.

Dec 9 6:16:32AM You talked to an Icon of Tii.

Dec 9 6:16:35AM Icon of Tii Connection made. Tii is online. To progress with your supplication, please click “Enter”.

Dec 9 6:16:38AM Icon of Tii Tii would like you to know that your donations are important to Tii. Tii thanks you. Please click “You’re welcome”

Dec 9 6:16:43AM Icon of Tii Tii believes that come the next great age of imagining, the logic and logistical perfection of the way of Tii will win out. Click “Excellent news” to progress.

Dec 9 6:16:47AM Icon of Tii Tii says “Correct”. Tii would like to reassure all loyal Tii-ites that when the time comes, they will be remembered, if not fondly, then certainly fairly. Because as Tii always says, the...

Dec 9 6:16:52AM Icon of Tii ... the ... eeeuuuuuuuuurghhhhhhh, ping, ping. Connection lost.
9 years ago
Ayasta Ayasta snapped this
at 8:53pm on December 8, 2012
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