needlehabit's Snaps

Wasn't me....this time.
Glitch Train lag. For old times' sake.
I love sloths. <3
Making a cozy spot to camp in the lobby of my tower.
I'll miss you most of all, little scarecrow.
Houses of Ur: the unauthorized memoir.
Hiiii friend! xD
"End of Ur" gift :(
Gasp! Present!?
Badvi Bist firefly vigil
Left jars of fireflies all over GFJ to burn for Ur. In Memoriam,...
You goofy mother.
Don't go.
Little glitch in a big world....
Look at all the notes. </3
Nowhere else is going to let me be a bunnehtrain up in a...
Iiiii'm a scary bunnehmonster
Wearing black to mourn Glitch. ...Black bunny suit. Going to miss...
Downstairs for hoarding...upstairs for pretties.
Remember that time we went to Hell? That was awesome.