Lettuce's Snaps

mining party! like a swarm of locusts...
bitches love the sparklies
I am the queen of the darkness, mistress of death
obligatory death party snap!
this gas plant looks so beautiful and ephemeral wit its branches...
bruce really wants those cherries!
bruce gets a quoin!
happy bruce!
bruce jump!
bubble trees get to be in the firebogs now?? wtf.
tee hee I can use my alchemical toolkit for a bed!
creepy cheese fountain!
how have I never been here before?
Post-modern art gallery
Evil Abed!!
Evil Abed! The Darkest Timeline!
whoa... the depths of the universe, just outside my janky tower
fossilized remains of the fishy creatures roaming the bogs...
Where's Bruce snap
Where's Bruce snap
like papa like baby
whoa dude, what kind of herbs are *these*?
magic times!
cute times!
hanging out in tis' beautiful back yard
more badass
one of those people who knits on the subway...
li'l trisor is chasing that chicken away