Lettuce's Snaps

I look so disingenuous
strange level of zoom
meat bridge!
these little caterpillars are going to munch away my garden!
the new streets remind me of Dinotopia
what the hell kind of summer's day is this??
PBMS chillin at balcony party
extremely freakish looking spice tree!
moon party!
pipe looks like a spine
clandestine hydroponics
sunset through the window at Hauki Seeks Manor
aaaah! a zombie!
Tii Saves --- amazing !!!
I feel very steampunk right now
my beautiful spice rainbow, finally restored
my historic mansion
beautiful view
trippy mushrooms
autumn lodge
I think it's complete!
updated house
my house, in its glory
hey little eggy how did you get out here!
uuuuugh omg
not even sure where to begin...