Mugwort's Snaps

10 more minutes.
Came in nekkid, going out nekkid.
Last Yoga Frog delivery.
Just keep swimming...
My last ghost!
In my bunker, prepared for the end of the world.
This one is particularly glowy...
Poor little ghost!
Joining the dark side...
My piggycorn's cute little booty in a winter wonderland.
I didn't realize they were sleeping.
Just me and Ayn Rand, getting our greed on...
Make a wish...
Feeling nostalgic.
My new cozy tower penthouse. Purplified by my 5-year-old.
Uh oh. We had better not anger the giants!
I met the meal vendor! Yay!
What lies beyond the boundaries of our daily existence?
It just keeps getting better & better.
Yoga Frog, Happy Moon, Sleepy Owl, Bemused Mugwort.
Star music.
There are chickens in my mental space...
Savanna Sunset, aptly named.
Doing my time...
Aaah! Yeti avalanch!
Oh no, I'm trapped! Now I have to eat my way out...
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