MercurialMalcontent's Snaps

Goodnight, Ur.
One of the first places I ever journeyed to. Maybe not a bad...
Ready for our last big adventure.
... and inside.
Goodbye, little house. Outside...
Goodbye, chicken, and butterflies, and woodtrees.
Goodbye, piggies. Goodbye, fireflies.
Goodbye, Harlequin and my Lem-o-lanterns.
"What are we going to do tonight, Brain?" "Well...
I love these strange, shiny, translucent mushrooms. Why doesn't...
Going to miss you, my little Harlequin.
I decided to try out a more cheerful street design, just this once.
I'll miss you, Grendaline.
It took me forever to realize I could replay this. I'm so sad...
I can finally properly appreciate this sight.
Friends at the end of time
Not gonna miss THIS guy. >:/
Swimming friendparty :D
Frienddate in Namaste
Oh geez, this guy again.
Shivering Isles
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