Mal'akh's Snaps

Shh! Don 't let the Craftybots hear you say that!
Happy Heli Kitty
Heli Kitty squadron
Bouncy heli kitty
Kitty poised to spring up
I like this perch
I don't think anyone can Forehorseman.
She's big, old and knits
He needs my help? That's a first.
Stoot KFCing the chicken for my final shoot with him and Bachjess
Namaste = I acknowledge you exist.
The unfinished cubi dong on Kukubee's street.
Planning dev-i-cide
Gimme a doll!!!
Making water rings
'Nuff said.
The heat must be getting to me... natsumi looks like food...
I like this place
Love the plant boxes
Prince of Abbasid
Welcome to Agra... er... Abbasid!
Wow... that must cause one hell of a sugar rush.
A giant Heli Kitty?
Such is the fate of the enemies of imagination
Upside rightside down
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