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Can I take the kitty home? Pleaseeee?
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omg we have the same expression!!!!!!! *SPAZZ*
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They fly!!
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oh my god it's a giant jellisac THAT'S IT that's why I'VE SOLVED...
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Oh my.......
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Spot the Kittycopter
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Kitten <3
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Shhhh... ;)
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Sometimes you just gotta stop and laugh for the hell of it all. :)
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Is that glitch in jail or are *we* in jail? Well, the sign is on...
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On last day I will head down this road littlest hobo style with...
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There has been a change of plan. The game isn't closing. TS are...
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What the hell are these things???? Oh, they must just be part of...
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The Zille Shrine I used most when we had the old houses; The...
Patch: "If things that exist when someone thinks them up? If...
"I'm no good at being noble, but it doesn't take much to see...
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It's here! it's here!
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Yes, it was fun. Still is, while it lasts
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Drink up, me hearties, yo ho!
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This is me saying - everytime I see a dong I will think of you...
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So much crap on my street! Hmm thanks?!
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Trisor, you fucker, I'm going to kiss you and you will LIKE IT!
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So many people!
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We should be able to make the uvula wiggle or something.
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My house is a pigsty
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Hamhock in the Henhouse
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And so the battle begins...
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As soon as I can master sitting down, I will start on world...
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