Mal'akh's Snaps

Halfway point?
Hey... the world's largest flower looks like that IRL
So lovely
Spelling "refugees" for my Glitch Refugees banners for...
There goes the neighborhood!
I feel a draft...
I love this view.
Heli Kitty!
My first heli kitty sighting!
Hi ho piggycorn!
Nap time.
Evolving pet dragons? That would have been cool!
The butler was originally a zombie?! I like my weird guy better.
The original fox concept was so cute!
Bad Glitch!
The detention room?
The five ghostly pumpkin witches?
I am going to miss you Professor Ilmenskie Jones.
As Lem would say: don't sweat the small beans.
Now that's a work of art.
Nothing like a mountain of beans. Don't overthink it.
For over a year Glitch has been a haven and balm for my...
What a wonderful wURld,
To reach for the final qurazy quoin.
Off into the sunset...
And so I start on the road to goodbye...
Who would want to be in a spooky place like this?
Trains go this way >>
I'm fading...
All aboard the Lem Express!
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