Mal'akh's Snaps

Sleeping again
Trying to lull Jones to sleep.
Sleeping on her street...
Civility meets Dr. Jones
Chillin' out.
Something seems to be missing...
First time at Amberlyza
Finished Le Miserable!
I really should wipe my feet before entering other people's homes...
Oops! Forgot to wipe my feet...
That chicken looks like it's being strangled...
Changed tower styles... but there is a bug. I can't remove that...
Kids planning something...
Stumbled into a slumber party
Someone stole my wall...
Professor, what are you doing just lying around here?
How can she jump so high?!
Giant natsumi!
I love Aranna.
Shrine refurbished with columns. Fancy!
The usual Cebarkul slumber party
Somebody had a party in my shrine...
Lem's Speakeasy is NOW OPEN!
First Floor: Speakeasy. Second Floor: Shrine to Lem.
Lem is so... childish. :3
PTB3's nine-story tower, Eclectica.