Mal'akh's Snaps

Glitch-ception at Splendora's
Wadsworth: You guys are such pigs.
I want a bog lamp like that.
Why hello again Gwendolyn.
Vision quest time!
Loving these new SDB styles
Thus begins my chicken army to knock on my old friend's door.
Fernucopia! At last...
Jones! Watch where you're going!
And what's this? Cake hidden behind my planter? How nice! Happy...
Wadsworth's new look.
Well now. Off-duty AFLC Frog.
Thus do we ensure that the Rook knows they shall meet their end...
Where's Bruce Again? - Rube edition
Where's Bruce Again?
AAAAAHHHH! They found me!
Shh... I'm stalking the rare bacon-giving piggy
The search for cheese...
Sad day for Mal'akh. I'll just haunt eric's street for a while...
Alas, eric's street only has the one Spice Plant and MINGUS, his...
There! Much better!
Eric! What have you done to your Spice Plant?
OHAI! I'm dressing up as Eric for the week.
No longer grumpy when his reading is interupted too.
Ah! The curious Magic Rock is back! Welcome back old friend!
Right on the money!
Mad Coffee sleeping on the job.
Monself and I harassing Ooola's Chickens
I feel a song coming on... "George. George. George of the...
Ah! New places to explore.
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