Mal'akh's Snaps

Decided to add herb and crop gardens on my home street. Feel free...
Candid shot of my Magic Rock. I wonder what he's reading right...
Cute piglets on a coverlet
I hurled on Zigniber's floor
The best part? It's my Lem DNA! Truly I was destined to be the...
New furniture upgrades? Yes please. Oh! And I have all 11 icons now.
And thus I finished my first smuggling run.
Ayasta and her gifts. Thank you!
Quoin, why you so Qurazy?
Cottoncandy Angel jumping on my bed and Prof. Jones visiting the...
Perspective corrections done.
Perspectives are off, but these decorations make for good room...
The Professor is in the house!!!
Ready for the other icons.
Why is my moving box down from the attic? O_O
I love my new home
Progress! And yes, that moving box in the attic is there to stay.
Notice the moving box in the attic? It has only one item left in...
4 boxes for me
This. Is. Hell!
Where I used to hide stuff so that the piggies won't eat it.
And the yard seems so lonely too.
The treehouse seems so lonely without anything in it.
My old home
Ancestral Land Qurazy Quoin
My second floor is still messy.
/Home sweet /home
Like Ooola, I wonder who it is...
Find it? It's right there!
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